The University as an employer

Approximately 4,000 staff members contribute to offering more than 18,500 students a more promising future. In addition to the academic staff, we also employ non-academic staff, who provide our organisation with the professional administration and support needed to facilitate advanced high-quality research and teaching.

Academic staff

Whether you are looking for a job as a lecturer, a researcher, or a combination of the two, Leiden University is regularly on the look-out for motivated academic staff. This includes PhD candidates and researchers, but also senior university lecturers and professors. In this context the University seriously invests in its academic career policy: this is apparent for instance in the tenure tracks we offer, that target high potential candidates in possession of a PhD who aim to become professors.

PhD positions

Leiden University is often on the look-out for ambitious recent graduates with a passion and talent for research. We believe that fundamental research is crucial for the development of a modern society and for the future welfare of mankind. A number of renowned scientists have contributed to our University’s fame, including 4 Nobel Prize Winners: Einthoven (Physiology/Medicine), Kamerlingh Onnes, Lorentz and Zeeman (Physics). Click here for more reasons to choose for a PhD track at Leiden University.

Non-academic staff

Although when universities are mentioned, most people think primarily of opportunities for those who aspire to a scientific career, a large number of our employees work as supporting staff. For the support required for the Executive Board and the organisation of the University as a whole, the Administration and Central Services, the eight expertise centres and the seven faculties require a broad variety of staff, including: ICT experts, legal experts, secretaries, receptionists, marketing and communication staff, financial and real estate experts, and human resources and policy officers. At Leiden University, we also offer these employees an inspiring work environment in which innovation is constantly sought in order to keep up with the dynamic outside world. In addition, our internal mobility policy stimulates staff members to enrich their career with interesting experiences.

Last Modified: 14-07-2017